Dry Camping & No Phone Signal – HOLY CRAP!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

After our detour around the park, we headed out the West gate and through West Yellowstone looking for our campsite.  Rainbow Point ($22 per night), is north of West Yellowstone 6 miles – hey it’s the Gallatin National Forest – cool!!  Turning left onto the road to the park and Kelly started to think that there was no way we were going to get wifi, I reminded him that they have wifi all over the place – it’s still possible. So onward we chug down a very rough road – thank goodness it was only 2 miles long.  We turned into the park to be greeted by BEWARE of BEAR signs – Grizzly bears frequent this area!  Cool!!  I know I guess I should be scared, but I’m more excited than scared.  We headed to our reserved spot in C19 – it was right next to the park hosts site, hope that doesn’t become weird people coming and going at all times of the day/night.  We got out to check the spot to determine where we want to pull in, as we are walked around we noticed that there was only electric hookups, no water, no sewer, and not only is there no wifi – there is no phone signal either.  Kelly and I just stared at each other in disbelieve – How did this happen?  This most not be the right place?  Where is the office with the canoes and kayaks?  How did this happen??  What are we going to do???

The campground is beautiful, huge, tall pine trees, very quiet and secluded – we just were not prepared for dry camping, we dumped all of our water so we weren’t hauling extra weight on the trip.  We have a lot of things going on in our family so not having phone access is not going to work.  I’m also really trying to get things moving on my Lash business – so if there is no wifi, I at least need good phone signal so I can get on line with my phone.

We went over to the camp host camper to try to figure out what happened with our reservations – sure that they must have something wrong on their web site, because we both remembered the web site and all of the amenities that were described.  Larry was the camp host on duty, he came out with his hair all up in the air – apparently we had interrupted his shower (oops).  He was very nice and explained that they did not have any of the amenities that we thought they had – just electric and beautiful woods.  We met the other camp hosts (Glenn and Erin) who we were camped next to and they let us hook up our water hose to their water so we could fill our tank.   So it looks like we are dry camping for now, so the adventure begins, this ought to be interesting.

Until next time – thanks for following us!

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